• Committee Information

    Consolidation (PSO) Committee

    Committee Members:

    Chairperson-Monty Nye

    David Zurawski

    Christopher Love

    Jeff Whitehead

    Contact: Monty Nye
    Education & Training

    Committee Members:

    Shaun Abbey - Chairman - shaunabbey@sbcglobal.net

    Andy Houde - Vice Chairman - ahoude23@hotmail.com

    Jeannell Justin - firebronco7@yahoo.com

    Ken Barnes - ken.barnes@iaff2846.org

    Kevin Caldwell - caldwelldetroit@gmail.com

    Casey Quinn - cquinn154@gmail.com

    William Pawluk - Education & Training Coordinator - pawlukw@yahoo.com

    Contact: Shaun Abbey

    Committee Members:

    Glen Scafidi - Chairperson - glentfd@netzero.net

    Montgomery Nye - Vice Chairperson - mcnye@aol.com

    Christopher Lake - clake421@gmail.com

    Christopher Lisak - cmlisak@gmail.com

    Lisa Martin - lamartin72@hotmail.com

    Keith Anderson - kanderson@trenton-mi.com

    Richard Terrell - rterrell.jacksonfire@gmail.com

    Barton Perry - blkbart61@yahoo.com

    Melissa Medici - jmmedici@comcast.net

    Contact: Glen Scafidi
    Health & Safety

    Committee Members

    Steven Heim - Chairperson

    Christopher Reynolds - Vice Chairperson

    Matthew Wyszczelski

    Steve Hoving

    Clifford VanDeusen

    Jason Nelson

    Patrick DuVall

    Jason Kiekbusch

    Bernard Brosnan

    Patrick Conely

    Contact: Steven Heim
    Political Action

    Committee Members

    Matthew Sahr - Chairperson

    Phillip Hall - Vice Chairperson

    Christopher Kenny

    Eric Jackson

    Robert Scott

    Scott Halleck

    Joseph Dubay

    Gary Purdom

    Jared Nisch

    Dustin Farhat

    Contact: Matthew Sahr
  • Contact Information for Local Union Executive Board Members

    You can access the most accurate contact information for local union officers from the IAFF website by clicking on this link.  After you log-in, click on Dashboard, then Officer Resources and then Affiliate Directory.. You can search by local name, local number, by state, or by the officers name if you know it.  This data is updated daily.

    Find Your Elected Officials

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